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Laser Turntable by ELP, Japan

- The original and the only turntable in the world that utilizes laser technology for analog playback of vinyl records.


- For the first time in more than twenty years the original version is upgraded to a new high-end model and design with far improved sound quality.

- All completely analog laser technology that converts the grooves on the record into analog equivalent to Red Book CD Audio quality sound signal.

- The only turntable that enables you to hear what is REALLY on the record.

- The pick-up utilizes multiple lasers to track and scan the groove surface reproducing the sound vibration as it was originally engraved by the lathe master cutting stylus. The pick-up is able to read near the shoulder of the groove where the normal playback stylus never touched which produces a fresh and never damaged audio signal.


- The record remains untouched during playback and will last indefinitely.

- Imagine what your record collection is worth when it can last forever.

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